IIE Los Angeles

Vision, Mission, & Roles and Responsibility by Officer

Vision Statement

To be the premier organization that advances and promotes the industrial engineering profession for our members locally and globally.

Mission Statement

To provide personal growth, career opportunities and increase IE value to organizations and community.


We have members in two primary locations: Los Angeles and Orange County. This strategic plan is designed to offer members across the greater Los Angeles area more frequent access to local IIE events.

Chapter Strategy

The following items are sorted according to feedback received from members during the Annual Election and Member Feedback Survey.

  • Continuing professional education
  • Engineering tours
  • Monthly Professional Development Happy Hour series to provide members a forum for IE discussions and networking
  • Philanthropic support of USC and Cal Poly Pomona
  • Encourage K-12 students to pursue engineering in college
  • Pro bono IE consulting for nonprofits
  • Stabilize membership by retaining members, assist in re-enrollments, attracting young professionals and increase participation
  • Continue financial stability by our membership
  • Maintain continuity with officers and directors
  • Support IIE Annual Conference

Following the merger of the Los Angeles and Orange county chapters in 2014, 2016 events will alternate locations in both areas, in order to fully serve member needs and maximize value.


Our chapter relies on professional volunteers to advance the vision and mission of our professional chapter.

  1. President
    1. Increase membership
    2. Facilitate membership and board meetings
    3. Conduct annual chapter survey
    4. Prepare event planning
  2. President Elect
    1. Assist in event planning
    2. Increase membership
  3. Past President
    1. Provide guidance to board
    2. Facilitate officer nomination process for succession planning
    3. Facilitate election confirmation process
  4. Secretary
    1. Minutes of the Meeting
    2. Partner in publication of strategic plan and CAR process
  5. Treasurer
    1. Maintain chapter banking elements and ledger
    2. Serve as chapter fiscal advisor for budgets and expenditures
  6. Student Chapter Liaison
    1. Recruit graduating seniors for senior chapter membership
    2. Work with faculty at local universities
  7. Webmaster
    1. Utilize HQ site in conjunction with http://www.iiela.org/ to enhance communication opportunities to membership
    2. Provide stats of most visited pages and best topics
  8. Board of Directors
    1. Maintain financial stability
    2. Monitor and review strategy
    3. Prepare succession plan
    4. Mentoring, especially new officers
    5. Meeting ideas


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