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Remembering Dr. Gerry Nadler

Today the IIE Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors received word that our Past-President Dr. Gerry Nadler has passed away. We are sad to share this news with our IIE and USC family.

Dr. Gerry Nadler received USC’s Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, which recognizes faculty for “their notable contributions to the university, their profession and community.” Dr. James Moore, then department chair of the USC Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering wrote an article, which can be read on the Epstein Department website, to highlight a few of Dr. Nadler’s many contributions to USC and the Industrial Engineering profession.

Among his contributions to Industrial Engineering, Dr. Nadler served as President of the Institute of Industrial Engineers at both the local chapter and national levels. Dr. Nadler was recognized as an IIE Fellow and served as a leader, mentor, and advisor to the Institute and its members at all levels.

Dr. Nadler’s inspirational career began with the publication of a Ph.D. thesis, the introduction to which was  written by Dr. Lillian Gilbreth who is often recognized as the founder of our profession. As recently as Fall 2013, Dr. Nadler continued to be an active member of the USC community and taught a section of AME 503 New Product Development, a course that was held both in a physical classroom and broadcast on the internet. Few careers encompass such change and demonstrate such commitment to life long learning.

Many of us that have been members of the IIE and USC families have memories and stories about Dr. Nadler. The IIE Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors invites members to share those stories as comments on this page.

3 comments for “Remembering Dr. Gerry Nadler

  1. Dana Sherman
    July 29, 2014 at 12:01 am

    Gerry Nadler, a scholar, gentlemen and friend will be missed by many.

  2. Geza Bottlik
    August 3, 2014 at 9:39 am

    I met Gerry Nadler in 1987 as part of the then research institute IMAR. He hired me as an instructor at USC in 1990, We have remained friends and colleagues all these years. He continued to be a valued adviser to this day when I am still at USC. I last saw him during this spring semester. I will miss him greatly

  3. Thomas Joseph
    August 4, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    I have fond memories of Gerry. He chaired the USC Industrial & Systems Engineering department when I joined the Masters program in 1989. As an international student who had just arrived in the US, I truly appreciated the time he took to mentor me and make the best of the program. We had many conversations on his views on breakthrough thinking; his writings have had a lasting influence. Above all, he was a fine human being whose memory I will always cherish.

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