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March APICS Meeting Announcement – LA IIE Welcome!

LA IIE members are invited to join the joint meeting of LA and Anaheim APICS chapters.  See the meeting summary here and details at http://www.lapics.org/events/professional-development-meetings/march-pdm

LOS Professional Development Meeting – Managing to Lead, APICS Los Angeles Chapter
When: Thu, March 15, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Holiday Inn Torrance, 19800 S. Vermont, Torrance, CA (map)
Details For more information or registration, visit: http://www.lapics.org/
PROGRAM: Managing to Lead: Lessons in Leadership from an Inflatable Pig OVERVIEW: This is a true story of good management intentions resulting in less-than-favorable results. Dr. W. Edwards Deming often said that good intentions and best efforts don’t necessarily result in the best output. Without an understanding of and appreciation for the system, people would often make mistakes in their decision making. Dr. Deming also said; “Our prevailing system of management has destroyed our people.” As we walk through the story of the inflatable pig, we will explore the intentions of management and the output of the system management put in place. Along this journey, we will discuss several failure modes in management and leadership to help us to be more thoughtful in our own decision making and thus, become better leaders. We will learn that there can be two realities at work: the one the leader(s) think is real and the one that really is real! Then, we can ask ourselves “do I want to be a leader of a reality that only exists in my own mind?” Outside of work, this is called lunacy. Inside, it is often called “leadership.” Join us for an evening of good food, friends, and fun as we discuss a subject we have all experienced.
ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Bob Mitchell is a “W. Edwards Deming, Eli Goldratt, and Peter Senge” fanatic! Born in Kansas and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA, Bob started work at Rockwell at age 18. He has thirty-six years experience in quality assurance, manufacturing process development, control and continuous improvement. Bob is an LSS Blackbelt and TOC practitioner and has a Masters in Total Quality Management, a Bachelors in Business Administration, and an Associate Degree in law enforcement. He is a Certified Quality Manager, Certified Quality Auditor, Commercial Pilot, as well as a Flight and Ground Instructor. For more information or registration, visit: http://www.lapics.org/


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