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Join IE Volunteer Program with AbilityFirst

IE volunteers wanted to consult on long term service project to improve work center operations at Ability First. (Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Pasadena)

IIE Los Angeles is looking for volunteers to contribute to an ambitious service project consulting with AbilityFirst to improve their operations (assembly, fulfillment, etc.)

IIE Los Angeles wishes to run this service project as a large consulting firm. Each of the three Work Centers will have an IIE assigned manager to coordinate engineering activities and be primary point person with the Center Director. Managers will direct the work of volunteer engineers who will gather raw data and initial analysis on the work site (DMAIC process using A3 reporting tools). Managers will also use “staff” volunteers from IIE who will act as Subject Matter Experts (SME) (logistics, warehousing, distribution, work standards, etc.)

The first problem that must be attacked is one of capacity. What is capacity and how should it be defined? Each work center specializes in something different. Part of the full analysis is the rationalization of activities, space, assets and talent at each of these locations. Then integrating the results into one report for the enterprise.

Interested? Please respond to this posting so everyone can see who is “in”. It may bring others. There are “positions” for all level of skill levels. It is a way for those with skills to see how those skills can be applied to a different industry. Also a way to actively participate in using tools which you may know but never practiced. And if you have no experience, it is a way to gain experience.
Profile of Ability First
AbilityFirst provides programs and services to help children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities realize their full potential. AbilityFirst’s programs for adults respect each person’s right of self-determination. They work to support the choices of men and women with disabilities to pursue activities and work that they find interesting, meaningful and enriching. AbilityFirst provides opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to learn job skills, and find employment, either at one of the three AbilityFirst Work Center, or directly with a company such as Ralphs Supermarkets or McDonalds.

Work Centers
The first work center opened in 1946, and today AbilityFirst operates three Work Centers in Los Angeles County – Los Angeles, Pasadena and Woodland Hills. These Centers offer paid work to adults with developmental and physical disabilities, providing jobs tailored to the skills and abilities of each individual. Job opportunities at the Work Centers include assembly, secure document shredding, packaging, sorting, collating, mailing and more.

A wide range of corporate clients have retained AbilityFirst for business services provided at the work centers including Union Bank, Charter Communications and DirecTV.

AbilityFirst Business Services meets many key corporate needs such as secure document shredding, sorting, packaging, assembly, fulfillment and mailing – while providing employment to individuals with disabilities. The workers are dependable, highly motivated and committed to quality work.

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