IIE Los Angeles

IISE LA-OC Vendor Presentation 2017

We have the opportunity to invite vendors to demo their products using an actual case study. This is a great way to introduce our members to the latest ISE tools available. The tools can aid us in time study, simulation, planning, leveraging macro in excel just to name a few.

There are currently 5 vendors interested in presenting a case study on the application of their products, namely:

  • FlexSim
  • ProPlanner
  • JMP
  • Qi Macro
  • Minitab

This is open to local vendors interested as well.

To kick this off, decisions from the BOD are needed to decide on the following:

  1. Specific Date of event (January/February 2017)
  2. Venue with presentation and remote access capability if possible
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Speaker
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Refreshment options
  7. Six Sigma Training session (before or after)

We are now T-7 months before this event. If you are interested in volunteering and assisting with the committee in charge of the abovementioned, kindly email events@iiela.org.


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