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IIE and industrial engineering had an opportunity to be featured in the television show, “Today in America” hosted by Terry Bradshaw. The show does a series on American industry. It specifically focuses on meeting today’s workforce demands through training and education. We held phone conversations and interviews with two of the executive producers of the show, explaining our profession, the contributions industrial engineering has made throughout the history of American industry, the evolution of industrial engineering, IIE’s focus on education and training, our contributions and involvement in STEM education, and many other matters related to industrial engineering and IIE.

The producers were very interested in producing a five-minute segment on our association and our profession. The resulting show will run a minimum of one time on Fox Business Network and 19 times on CNN Headline News, all between the times of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., on dates to be determined. In addition, IIE will retain the complete licensing rights to the video and can use it for any legal purpose (posting it on our website, showing it at conferences or non-IIE events where we exhibit, providing it to chapters or universities, etc.).

The segment is not a “talking-head” video. It features an interview by Terry Bradshaw and includes footage of industrial applications that relate to the topics being discussed. The production team worked with IIE to develop a plan, a script, and featured video of IE applications. The segment was recorded during the IIE Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., in May.

This project is very consistent with the mission of our organization to advance, promote and unite the profession. It also supports one of our six areas of strategic focus, to enhance the image of industrial engineering. We have never done anything like this, although we’ve heard for years that IIE should take steps to gain broader visibility (ads on TV, ads in mainstream magazines, etc.). Potential benefits include attracting members to IIE, attracting individuals or companies to IIE’s training programs or conferences, encouraging high school students or others to pursue a career in the profession, and informing the general public about the benefits that industrial engineering brings to society.

UPDATE: Video is now on the IIE national website


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