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IIE National Conference (Disneyland / May 2016) – Sponsorship Opportunity

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The Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is assisting in planning for the IIE Annual Conference, which will be held May 21-24, 2016, at the Disneyland Resort Hotel in Anaheim, Calif. The event will include educational sessions, facility tours, keynote speakers, facility tours, networking events and more. To make this event a success, we need support from your company in facility tour locations, exhibitors, speakers and/or corporate sponsorship.

Our organization’s mission is to provide knowledge, training, networking opportunities and recognition to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the Industrial and Systems Engineering profession and those individuals involved with improving quality and productivity. Depending on how you support the conference, we can include you in marketing materials as well as recognize your company on the conference website and at the event.

IIE offers additional benefits to your company:

Facility tours offer an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at continuous improvement in action at various facilities in a variety of industries. If you take pride in your company’s success, this is one great venue to showcase your improvements.

Exhibitors can certainly leverage the time when academia and industry join together for this major engineering professional event. Attendees who need to drive bottom-line improvements want to see solutions. Others may want to join your staff or advance their skills through your programs. Exhibit at this conference, and you could meet all those needs.

Conference sponsorships advertise your company while supporting the community. We anticipate over 1,600 industrial and systems engineering attendees that you can reach. Plus thousands more visit the IIE Annual website and will see your company’s support.

The type of sponsorship you give is completely up to you. As mentioned, we need facility tour locations, exhibitors, speakers and corporate sponsorships. The following are some options to consider when considering our sponsorship requests:

____ Facility Tour: Full name of tour facility, contact name, facility address, day/date/time for tour, capacity/limit of tour attendees (typically 20-25), any restrictions to tour, and 50-word description of facility tour for promotional piece

____ Exhibitors: Contact name, phone number and description for conference marketing materials and website

____ Speakers: Contact name, phone number and abstracts (due Nov. 8, 2015)

____ Corporate Sponsorships: Contact name, phone number and description on conference marketing materials and website

If you are interested in sponsoring, please give us a call or email. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. Thank you for your time.

Interested or have questions? Email events@iiela.org



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