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IIE Los Angeles and Orange County Merge

Dear IIE OC and LA Members,

As a valued committed member of the Institute Industrial Engineers community, I felt it is important to keep you informed regarding our recent Chapter merge of Orange County and Los Angeles.


Early this year, there was an announcement from our IIE OC Board of Directors on regards to this matter. The bottom line is that the IIE OC membership has formally been merged to IIE LA Chapter to improve your membership experience and value.

Our IIE OC members likely might have noticed that chapter activities were challenged and those that you may have seen over the past years were often in partnership with the IIE LA Chapter. Recent events include the IIE Social Gathering on Sat. April 26 at Hero’s in Fullerton, IIE Chapter Meeting and Facilities Tour at Disneyland Resort and Western Region Student Conference held at Cal Poly Pomona last March. These all fell officially within the IIE OC boundaries but were actually facilitated by IIE LA assisting IIE OC leadership partners in attempts to revive the OC Chapter.

Unfortunately, the IIE OC Chapter continued to be challenged with sustaining a Chapter Leadership team which would have forced them to disband, leaving membership transferred into the general IIE membership without a home local chapter. IIE OC leadership didn’t want this to happen and they partnered with IIE LA and IIE’s Western Region to facilitate a merge with the IIE LA which is one of the ‘Gold Status’ active chapters in the nation. As a footnote, IIE OC had been part of the IIE LA Chapter in years past and always had a continued partnership with LA.

Our Objective

To provide a “borderless” home, community, networking and home chapter value to its members, reflective of the work realities in the community. The merged chapters will again provide a platform for the rebuilding of membership involvement across Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire communities of Southern California.

IIE LA’s Strategic Plan was crafted to allow Professional Development Social Gatherings in both areas of Los Angeles and Orange County. The concept is to provide a monthly event series to bring members together for professional development and fun social evenings. For the last 12+ months we have held events in Down Town Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fullerton and Anaheim.

Upcoming Events

· Professional Development Social Gatherings will be posted on our www.iiela.org website and our IIE Los Angeles LinkedIn group. Each event will touch on IE core subjects and industries

· IIE Annual Conference will take place in Montreal, Canada on May 31st through June 3rd. Feel free to contact Kaz (Kazuo.Takeda@disney.com) or me (jdavila.ie@gmail.com) so we can connect at the conference

· Second IIE LA/Western Regional/Young Professional Conference in Vegas

As President of IIE LA, I welcome you into our Chapter knowing that our mission is to provide value to the SoCal IIE Membership.

If you have any specific questions for your Chapter, please do not hesitate to inquire with Mike Duncan mjcduncan@gmail.com Chapter President Elect or myself jdavila.ie@gmail.com

Thank you and again welcome to our IIE Los Angeles Chapter!

José Daniel Avila, Jr.

IIE Los Angeles Chapter President 2014

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