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IE’s in Demand

This article in the Wall Street Journal posted Oct 2, 2011 quotes Monster.com to highlight that the demand for IE’s is growing!


Quoted in the article:

Some occupations in which online ads over the past 120 days are up strongly from a year earlier:

  • Industrial engineers, up 28%.
  • First-line supervisors/managers of mechanics, installers and repairers, up 25%.
  • Automotive specialty technicians, up 24%.
  • Mechanical engineers, up 21%.
  • Sales agents, financial services, up 20%.
  • Retail salespeople, up 19%.
  • Electrical engineers, up 17%.
  • Loan officers, up 16%.
  • Computer software engineers, applications, up 14%.
  • Accountants, up 12%.

Noticeably absent are health-care jobs. “Health-care occupations did not see the same declines as other occupations, so we might not see the same strong growth as we might with those that declined during the recession,” according to Monster.

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