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IE Talk on Healthcare Systems Engineering Summary

Industrial engineers can assist the ailing healthcare systems by identifying and eliminating various controllable wastes and redesigning it such that the integration between systems, people, material/equipment and information will be unbroken.

The talk by Dr. Bo Oppenheim highlighted a lot of challenges for this structure that will certainly require concurrent engineering skills to course correct. For instance, the applications of a simulation technique and one of the seven quality tools helped realized the increased throughput in a chemistry lab by 81%. Keeping the status quo will continue to inflate the US healthcare costs. According to Dr. Oppenheim’s research, for each [$1 spent in healthcare] in the UK, the US [spends $2.50]. US Healthcare system can be better especially by eliminating the wastes that inflates these cost.

Industrial engineers certainly have the aptitude to make this system better. Are we up to the challenge? Share some comments in the box below.

Thank you to Dr. Oppenheim for sharing his insight during the presentation and Q&A with the group of IIE professionals and student members and non-members.

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