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Five More Days – 2016 National Conference Previews

The IIE National conference is one of many conferences that allows us industry practitioners to stay aware and to broaden our exposures of any Industrial Engineering related principles or tools, which are shared by fellow industry practitioners from similar or different industries.

How do we as IE’s or ISE’s apply our skills in non-manufacturing industries? How do we evolve in order to work for these technology companies developing these “internet of things”? How do we leverage the new innovations around us to be better IEs? Got those abovementioned questions yourselves? Immerse in these 4 days in the IIE National Conference, which is rarely held in our home turf of Southern California, to answer those self-reflecting questions.

Five more days to go, so Register soon (Note: volunteers also have to Register).

Here are some previews for this coming weekend’s conference:


  • See who is presenting from our local chapter here in Los Angeles and Orange County –  ISE LA-OC Chapter Members Presentations Schedule. In addition to what was shared during the last article, you will also hear presentations on the following from one of our members:
    • What Leaders Look For In Promoting IEs Into Management by Kaz Takeda, Disneyland Resort, 11:00 AM / Disneyland South Ballroom A – Fantasy Tower Field
    • Data Collection After Action Review by Kaz Takeda, Disneyland Resort, 3:30 PM / Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 – Fantasy Tower
    • IE Panel: An Insight for Young IE’s by Kaz Takeda, Disneyland Resort, 5:00 PM / Sleeping Beauty Pavilion – Fantasy Tower
    • Check out more presentations at SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE.


Hear these and more presenters at the conference.


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