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June Networking Opportunity & Event: Webinar & Speaker Presentation

Meeting Place: Hummus House, 12211 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250 Date & Time: June 25, 2016, 3:00 p.m. Webinar: Watch an IIE previously broadcasted presentation on “Data Analytics” Speaker Presentation: “Financial Planning” by Linda Dorfmont Dinner: Order up before, while watching or after RSVP: In our meetup site or email – events@iiela.org  to provide Hope to see you there!

Cal Poly Pomona IE Wins First Place

Cal Poly IE wins first place at Cal Poly Pomona Engineering Project Showcase. Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering held a “Project Showcase” taking the best of the best from each engineering program. The winner of the 2016 showcase was “Optimization of Phone Cal Handling at Daylight Transport” submitted from the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering…

Invitation to Attend, Volunteer or Judge: C-STEM Competition

Join some of your fellow ISEs at this STEM event. Saturday, 5/21/2016 from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at University HS. The C-STEM Center invites you to become a volunteer for our annual C-STEM Day, benefiting K-14 STEM education. Check the form to volunteer. Forward to friends with interest (and have them bring their kids). Location: 4771…

Five More Days – 2016 National Conference Previews

The IIE National conference is one of many conferences that allows us industry practitioners to stay aware and to broaden our exposures of any Industrial Engineering related principles or tools, which are shared by fellow industry practitioners from similar or different industries. How do we as IE’s or ISE’s apply our skills in non-manufacturing industries? How do we evolve in order to work for…

IE Talk: Project Management Talk Summary

There are Industrial Engineers who are project managers and consulting for small and large businesses. In a master’s program at USC, Project Management (PM) is one of the courses taught. Knowing PM is an important IE tool as well. The PM framework from the Project Management Institute (PMI) help any individuals going into consulting and focusing on project management to…

Join IISE 2016 National Conference – SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE Chapter Involvement

Join IISE for Chapter involvement 

May 20-23, 2016


Conference events and educational sessions will be held in the Disneyland Resort Hotel. The Disneyland Resort Hotel consists of three towers – Fantasy, Adventure and Frontier. View the Presentation Schedule below.

Schedule at a glance Day1 Schedule at a glance Day2

Sign up as Volunteer Moderator :  http://vols.pt/CAVNH3

Schedule at a glance Day3

Sign up as Volunteer Moderator :  http://vols.pt/CAVNH3

Schedule at a glance Day4

Sign up as Volunteer Moderator :  http://vols.pt/CAVNH3

Sign up as Tour Chaperone: email smpsasing@gmail.com

Schedule at a glance Day5

Sign up as Volunteer Moderator :  http://vols.pt/CAVNH3

Sign up as Tour Chaperone: email smpsasing@gmail.com

IE Talk: Healthcare Systems Engineering

You are invited to a talk with: Bohdan Oppenheim: Healthcare Systems Engineering   RSVP [ IE Talk with Bo Oppenheim ]   Professor Bo Oppenheim will provide some insights to the following and more: How do we look at healthcare from a systems perspective? How can the application of lean be made successful in healthcare? March 19,…

You’re invited to a talk on Project Management Life Cycle

Hear some perspectives about Project management from industry practitioners. Come and join some of your fellow IIE members. Hosted by the Network of Iranian-American Professional of Orange County (NIPOC) Date: March 3, 2016 Location: ETAP Learning Center 17 Goodyear Irvine, CA 92614 Fees: NIPOC & IIE Members $5  |  Students $5  |  Non-members $15  RSVP:  www.nipoc.org…