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Report back: How the Cal Poly Pomona Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Defines Student Success

Great news from the previously impacted Cal Poly Pomona’s Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department. The most recent survey shows positive returns on invested time and funds in the department, and this is evident in the high employment rates of the students.  


According to a survey, employment rates for engineering students, especially from the “Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering were over 80% at time of graduation” (Cal Poly Pomona Senior Exit Survey (2014-2015)).  In retrospect, this is certainly far from when Cal Poly IME Department was threatened for closure in 2010. Great job to the IME department and its advocates in staying focus with what is important, sustaining and creating the environment for the IME students to learn and to prepare for their future seat in the workplace. 


See the survey at:  http://www.cpp.edu/~career/documents/senior_exit_survey_print_2.pdf



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