Invitation to Attend, Volunteer or Judge: C-STEM Competition

Join some of your fellow ISEs at this STEM event.

Saturday, 5/21/2016 from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at University HS.

The C-STEM Center invites you to become a volunteer for our annual C-STEM Day, benefiting K-14 STEM education. Check the form to volunteer. Forward to friends with interest (and have them bring their kids).

Location: 4771 Campus Dr. Irvine, CA 92612

Fill out this volunteer form if interested.

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Job Opening at Smart and Finals


Location: Los Angeles Area

Job description:

This position reports to the Manager of Supply Chain Engineering and is responsible for maintaining engineered standards in the distribution centers. This position develops and facilitates continuous process improvement within the supply chain to achieve target levels of customer service, ROI, sales volume, profitability, and productivity, specifically, but not limited to, the areas of Distribution, Transportation, and Store Operations. This includes the identification of problems through analysis, creating sustainable solutions, and collaborating with key decision makers on supply chain strategies. Areas of concentration include channel strategy, supply chain metrics, and inventory management strategy and execution.

Minimum requirements:

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s (BA/BS) degree in an engineering discipline (or the equivalent combination of education and experience) is required with a minimum of 2-5 years directly related prior experience in logistics, supply chain management, or store engineering

Prior experience in warehousing, inventory, order fulfillment, customer service, transportation, and distribution center operations/processes are also required. Retail Management Certificate is desirable.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

· Main resource for knowledge of Engineered Standards for two distribution centers. In charge of maintaining up to date engineered standards. Extracts data from various systems and databases using various tools to analyze operational data. Identify opportunities for improvement using tools such as SQL, database tools, spreadsheets, internal report portal, etc.

· Analyzes and Summarizes data as needed and put into appropriate format for use in Supply Chain projects (spreadsheet, database, report, presentation, Labor management systems, etc.).

· Partners with Transportation, Distribution, Engineering, and Replenishment Buying leadership to understand the scope of projects, prepare data, present updates, and participate in ongoing projects.

· Performs essential functions that support the labor management system.

· Supports development and maintenance of supply chain budgeting and performance analysis tools (budgets, portal scorecard, LE, etc.).

· Understands and maintains working knowledge of unique systems within Supply Chain (Aldata GOLD Suite, Red Prairie, Direct Route, Optricity, Supply, Chain Guru, internal Databases, etc.) so as to facilitate data retrieval, analysis, and reporting.

· Ability to learn interaction between systems to quickly gather data from different sources and perform analysis.

· Must be technically apt, and computer savvy.

· Serve as an internal knowledge base for Labor Management system, will eventually become one of the “Super users” of the Red Prairie Labor Management system.

· Responsible for carrying out company policies, rules and procedures.

· Responsible for maintaining various elements in Labor management system.

· Responsible for leading Lean A3’s including statistical analysis.

· Responsible for data analysis related to Promo planning.

· Responsible for developing KPI’s and other tools that lead to improved DC processes and results.

· Strategic planning for the purpose of growth – 5 year plan and longer term growth.

· Conduct strategic and tactical analyses specific to the operations at the distribution center.

· Create and maintain engineered standards in one more Distribution Centers within the Smart & Final Logistics Network and provide best documentation, as needed.

· Project manage DC efficiency initiatives, which may include.

· Minimize shrink, loss and damage.

· Increasing inventory turns and reducing on hand quantities.

· Facility and product layout utilization.

· Project manage several Supply Chain initiatives, which may include.

· Updating the 5 year Distribution and Transportation plans.

· Reducing ordering and acquisition cycles, assessing full DC inventory for direct shipments.

· Reducing inventory and administrative costs.

· Recommend changes to policies and guidelines to enhance Supply Chain objectives and support continuous improvement.

· Identify, elevate, and manage operational excellence projects as defined by the project’s return on investment and net present value while maintaining key service level indicators (Quality, Accuracy, On-Time Metrics).

· Train management and supervisors on new and improved methods, as they apply to their routine jobs and responsibilities.

· Manage multiple project assignments and timeliness as directed.

Candidates must possess the following skills:

· Extensive experience with the functions of a PC in a Windows related Operating System.

· Advanced proficiency in Word, Excel (macros, modeling, and data management), and PowerPoint.

· Advanced Microsoft Access (database creation, tables, forms, queries, reports, macros).

· Must have intermediate skills working SQL and/or other database languages.

· Prior project management experience is required.


Fax Number: (888) 881-1365

SF Internal Application_Oct2015 

IISE & INCOSE Invitation – Agile Systems Engineering Planning Using Six Thinking Hats

INCOSE is sharing an event with ISE LA-OC.  

Agile Systems Engineering Planning Using Six Thinking Hats

Presenters: Phyllis Marbach & Laurie Buss

Monday, May16, 2016

7:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. Pizza and Networking

7:45 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. Seminar

No charge, non-members welcome!

Location: Loyola Marymount University, Hilton Center for Business Building(HIL-E-4-on Map), Room 302

Chair: Dr. Mehrdad Sharbaf-Adjunct Professor-LMU

RSVP required by May 15, 2016 to Dr. Sharbaf at

More information is available at this IEEE Computer Society-May 2016-Flyer

For Map and Direction:

Loyola Marymount University  |  1 LMU Drive,  Los Angeles, CA 90045

Five More Days – 2016 National Conference Previews

The IIE National conference is one of many conferences that allows us industry practitioners to stay aware and to broaden our exposures of any Industrial Engineering related principles or tools, which are shared by fellow industry practitioners from similar or different industries.

How do we as IE’s or ISE’s apply our skills in non-manufacturing industries? How do we evolve in order to work for these technology companies developing these “internet of things”? How do we leverage the new innovations around us to be better IEs? Got those abovementioned questions yourselves? Immerse in these 4 days in the IIE National Conference, which is rarely held in our home turf of Southern California, to answer those self-reflecting questions.

Five more days to go, so Register soon (Note: volunteers also have to Register).

Here are some previews for this coming weekend’s conference:


  • See who is presenting from our local chapter here in Los Angeles and Orange County –  ISE LA-OC Chapter Members Presentations Schedule. In addition to what was shared during the last article, you will also hear presentations on the following from one of our members:
    • What Leaders Look For In Promoting IEs Into Management by Kaz Takeda, Disneyland Resort, 11:00 AM / Disneyland South Ballroom A – Fantasy Tower Field
    • Data Collection After Action Review by Kaz Takeda, Disneyland Resort, 3:30 PM / Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 – Fantasy Tower
    • IE Panel: An Insight for Young IE’s by Kaz Takeda, Disneyland Resort, 5:00 PM / Sleeping Beauty Pavilion – Fantasy Tower
    • Check out more presentations at SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE.


Hear these and more presenters at the conference.


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Ten More Days – 2016 National Conference Presenter Previews

Have you registered for the conference yet? There are 10 more days to go. Register no later than May 20th.

Check out our LA-OC Chapter members presenting at the conference. All educational session will be held at the Disneyland Hotel, 1150 West Magic Way, Anaheim CA 92802.

Check out the SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE here.

One of the keynote speakers is Jack ReVelle, an IIE Fellow. Read the IISE interview with Jack and listen to his talk on Tuesday, May 24, 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

Ted Mayeshiba, another fellow of IIE and a USC Faculty, will present:

Youngjae Kim from the MemorialCare Health System and Ted Mayeshiba will speak on:

Michael Duncan, IIE LA-OC Past President, along with Zain Ahmed will share their insights on:

On another presentation, Michael will also do a demo on leveraging Microsoft Excel.


Hear these and more presenters at the conference.

Check out the SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE here.

IIE Annual Conference 2016 Flyer

IE Talk: Project Management Talk Summary

There are Industrial Engineers who are project managers and consulting for small and large businesses. In a master’s program at USC, Project Management (PM) is one of the courses taught. Knowing PM is an important IE tool as well.

The PM framework from the Project Management Institute (PMI) help any individuals going into consulting and focusing on project management to stay focused and on task as they balance scope, time, cost and budget. Unlike what was emphasized from the presentation, we as Industrial Engineers are more inclined to emphasize quality first or doing the right thing at all cost if we have our ways. We need to build up, maintain, integrate or improve any systems/processes with quality as the focus to help drive down delivery time and cost (TPS).  In reality though, we have to deal with the real world that quality can be costly. Hence, we, like the project managers, need to balance time, cost and quality.

Dr. Eli Tabesh was a speaker at an event with NIPOC last March 3, 2016. It was attended by IIE members and non-members alike. She has been a project manager for years and she gladly shared her lessons as a project manager with her audience.


On Approaching the Project:

According to Dr. Tabesh, project manager starts with data analysis to understand the problem. It is also imperative that one becomes familiar with the industry of focus, to get some training and to get support from other department to be familiar with the environment.
Project manager is a juggler and ties time, scope, budget and quality. There are multitude of challenges, namely
scope ambiguity, the need to manage and control certain level of detail as well as the multi-project and competing resources environment.

On Standardization:

Certainly, like any problem, the approach depends on the type of problem or in this case, project. PM methodologies depends on the project. She highlighted her experience with startups and find that startups are challenging in that “they do not have things in order because they are just starting.” Dr. Tabesh worked on standardizing their processes. In her role as project manager at a startup, she “puts in the process in writing for audit purposes.”

Other PM methodologies she applied in the pasts are the following (Project Management Institute):
• Agile – This is for small goals that are monitored closely and reporting is daily.
• Scrum – This is different from agile. It is time defined and popular in system design.
• Rapid application development – This is good with research and development (R&D) environment.
• System developing life cycle – Commonly used with government contracts and involves heavy documentation.
• Gate process – This is also good for R&D environment, new product, innovation management, service request management, merger acquisition, procurement, or IT project. It uses decision value management & gates to deliver efforts.

On Tools and Techniques:

Here are some of her common once:
• Project dashboard
• Reports
• Project summary sheet
• Project review sheet
• Project deliverables (used by PM Office; streamlining templates)

Dr. Tabesh refers to the PMI as her source for all project management tools and networking.


Join IISE 2016 National Conference – SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE Chapter Involvement

Join IISE for Chapter involvement 

May 20-23, 2016


Conference events and educational sessions will be held in the Disneyland Resort Hotel. The Disneyland Resort Hotel consists of three towers – Fantasy, Adventure and Frontier. View the Presentation Schedule below.

Schedule at a glance Day1 Schedule at a glance Day2

Sign up as Volunteer Moderator :

Schedule at a glance Day3

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Schedule at a glance Day4

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Schedule at a glance Day5

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IE Talk on Healthcare Systems Engineering Summary

Industrial engineers can assist the ailing healthcare systems by identifying and eliminating various controllable wastes and redesigning it such that the integration between systems, people, material/equipment and information will be unbroken.

The talk by Dr. Bo Oppenheim highlighted a lot of challenges for this structure that will certainly require concurrent engineering skills to course correct. For instance, the applications of a simulation technique and one of the seven quality tools helped realized the increased throughput in a chemistry lab by 81%. Keeping the status quo will continue to inflate the US healthcare costs. According to Dr. Oppenheim’s research, for each [$1 spent in healthcare] in the UK, the US [spends $2.50]. US Healthcare system can be better especially by eliminating the wastes that inflates these cost.

Industrial engineers certainly have the aptitude to make this system better. Are we up to the challenge? Share some comments in the box below.

Thank you to Dr. Oppenheim for sharing his insight during the presentation and Q&A with the group of IIE professionals and student members and non-members.

FullSizeRender (1)

IE Talk: Healthcare Systems Engineering

You are invited to a talk with:

Bohdan Oppenheim: Healthcare Systems Engineering


RSVP [ IE Talk with Bo Oppenheim ]


Professor Bo Oppenheim will provide some insights to the following and more: How do we look at healthcare from a systems perspective? How can the application of lean be made successful in healthcare?

March 19, 2016

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Loyola Marymount University  |   1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Parking fee: $10.00

RSVP [ IE Talk with Bo Oppenheim ]



About the Speaker

Bohdan “Bo” W. Oppenheim is a Professor of Systems Engineering at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Director of the Healthcare Systems Engineering graduate program, and founder and co-chair of INCOSE Lean Systems Engineering Working Group, one of the largest Groups of INCOSE. He is regarded as a leading expert in the application of Lean in healthcare, systems engineering, project, and program management. He co-led the large international project developing Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering (LEfSE), and served as an expert in the joint INCOSE-PMI-MIT project developing Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs, integrating Lean Systems Engineering with Lean Project Management. HeDr. Oppenheim authored the book Lean for Systems Engineering with Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering (Wiley, 2011), co-authored the book The Guide to Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering (PMI, INCOSE, MIT-LAI, 2012), and co-authored the book Lean for Banks (Productivity Press, Oct. 2014). He wrote three other books, four book chapters, and 30 journal publications. He was awarded two Shingo Awards, INCOSE Fellowship, INCOSE Best Product Award, INCOSE Service Award, and other recognitions. His engineering degrees include Ph.D. from Southampton, U.K.; Graduate Engineer’s Degree from MIT; MS from Stevens Institute of Technology; and B.S. (equiv.) from Warsaw University of Technology in Aeronautics. His industrial experience spans healthcare, offshore, space, software, transportation and mechanical engineering, including several major aerospace programs. His consulting customers include most major aerospace companies in the U.S. and Europe, Kaiser Permanente, High Speed Rail, Caltrans, and 150 smaller companies across the globe. He presented over 50 invited lectures, seminars and workshops on Lean in 17 countries on three continents. His credits include $2.5 million in externally funded grants.


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